In the words of our Creative Director, Mischelle “I do not sell jewels. Instead, I give life to a very French art by cultivating the perfection of the unseen, the outline sketch of a ring, the individual mounting of a stone.”


Damian By Mischelle offers a world where jewelry is a stunning creation defined by an absolute sense of luxury. This began in the 1980's in Paris, France when Mischelle learned the very essence of fine jewelry.

The DNA from this period in her training permeates every aspect of the company's design work today.


Now based in Asia, Damian By Mischelle is based around a single ethos - the desire to create pieces that are both avant-garde and contemporary. Each individual creation being a unique reflection of the same magnetic force that defines the complex nature of any women.


With a relentless passion for excellence, our teams explore the farthest reaches of the craft of fine jewelry, unfettered by conventional imagination. Within the design studio and the ateliers creations are inspired by a quest for the purest aesthetic, combing stylistic daring with unpredictable associations between both colours and materials.

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Our obsession with the finest of gemtones is matched only by our passion for the creation of finest examples of jewelry- for both women and men. Working closely with our clients we formulate designs that are not only aligned with their lifestyle but which often explores new boundaries.

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We custom source many of our gemstones to the exact specifications of our clients. In some cases this will involve the stone being re-cut to achieve the optimum combination of shape and fire.


The time between creating a mold and the final delivery of a piece can vary between four and twenty weeks depending on the complexity of the design and the techniques involved.


Damian By Mischelle – forever opulent, imposing, unique.



At Damian By Mischelle, we provide clients with a private and unique jewelry experience. The showroom and design studios of Damian By Mischelle are set within a private villa in the heart of the prestigious Thao Dien District of HCMC.